Learn how the competition does

Ever since the invention of the web, website owners have been plagued with the fear of finding out what their competitors are doing. They can never be sure if they are doing better than their competition, so they always need to keep track of changes on other websites. The biggest problem is that it is […]

Creating a website is not difficult

Creating a website is not a difficult task. But creating a good website is. That’s why, it is important for webmasters to pick the right tools and use them effectively. The source code of the website is also important. It should be accessible to everyone in order to make sure that there are no issues […]

Do you create websites? Browse the source code

Source code is the underlying, programming language used to create a website. It shows the HTML codes and the JavaScript codes that make up a website. This code can be viewed by anyone, so it’s important for developers to keep it clean and organized. Source code is also called HTML and CSS. This article will […]